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MPU:IBM Power PC "Gekko"
Manufacturing Process: 0.18 microns Copper Wire Technology
Clock Frequency: 485 MHz
CPU Capacit: 925 Dmips (Dhrystone 2.1)
Internal Data Precision: 32bit Integer & 64bit Floating-point
External Bus Bandwidth: 1.6GB/second(Peak)
(32bit address, 64bit data bus 202.5MHz)
Internal Cache: L1: Instruction 32KB, Data 32KB (8 way) L2: 256KB (2 way)
System LSI: "Flipper"
Manufacturing Process: 0.18 microns NEC Embedded DRAM Process
Clock Frequency: 202.5MHz
Embedded Frame Buffer: Approx. 2MB Sustainable Latency : 5ns (1T-SRAM)
Embedded Texture Cache: Approx. 1MB Sustainable Latency : 5ns (1T-SRAM)
Texture Read Bandwidth: 12.8GB/second (Peak)
Main Memory Bandwidth: 3.2GB/second(Peak)
Color, Z Buffer: Each is 24bits
Image Processing Function: Fog, SubpixelAnti-aliasing, HW Light x8, Alpha Blending,
Virtual Texture Design, Multi-textureMapping/Bump/Environment Mapping, MIPMAP,
Bilinear Filtering, Real-time Texture Decompression(S3TC), etc.
Other: Real-time Decompression of Display List,HW Motion Compensation Capability
(The following sound related functions are allincorporated into the System LSI)
Sound Processor: Special 16bit DSP
Instruction Memory: 8KB RAM + 8KB ROM
Data Memory: 8KB RAM + 4KB ROM
Clock Frequency: 101.25 MHz
Maximum Number of Simultaneously Produced Sounds:ADPCM: 64ch
Sampling Frequency: 48KHz
System Floating-point Arithmetic Capability:13.0GFLOPS (Peak) (MPU, Geometry Engine,
HW Lighting Total)
Actual Display Capability: 6 million to12 million polygons/second
(Display capability assuming actual game with complexitymodel, texture, etc.)
System Main Memory: 24MB SustainableLatency : 10ns or lower (1T-SRAM)
A-Memory: 16MB (100MHz DRAM)
Disc Drive: CAV (Constant AngularVelocity)
System Average Access Time Data Transfer Speed 16Mbps to25Mbps 128ms
Media: 8cm NINTENDO GAMECUBE Disc basedon Matsushita's
Optical Disc Technology Approx. 1.5GB Capacity
Input/Output: Controller Port x4,Digicard Slot x2, Analog AV Output x1,
Digital AV Output x1, High-Speed Serial Port x2,High-speed Parallel Port x1
Power Supply: AC Adapter DC12V x 3.5A
Main Unit Dimensions: 150mm(W) x 110mm(H) x161mm(D)

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Gamecube kaufen

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